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Hello world! Art is a beautiful practice and it beautifies more when its growth is shared. AMRAPALI’s emergence is all for artistic benefit, cultural consciousness and renaissance, to create livelihood and immense possibilities through the development of subjects related to life skills, aesthetics and humanities. Potentiality of culture focuses our existence. It is well said that, “Lost of culture is loss of identity.” Let us build a society wherein besides being a doctor, engineer and a scientist, a child can dream to be an artiste too!    ... Much Love!


We are a socio-cultural organisation, registered under Registration of Societies Act XXI of 1860 (KAM (M)/263/M/745), spreading our wings at national and international diaspora. We constantly strive for sustainability of arts and artistes alike and bring forth artistic concepts and possibilities for wider interest of the society.

We propagate topics related to arts, culture and heritage and generate cultural consciousness in the society through various ventures like value based art educations, lecture – demonstrations, infotainment, publications, cultural initiatives, events, culture colloquiums, intensive curricula and preserving – promoting traditional heritage.

Our mission is to incubate artistic thoughts and cultural abilities amidst learners and generate possibilities and cultural consciousness through efforts like Culture Colloquium, Chimera, Art is Life!, Amrapali Culture, etc. Besides regular classes, we gear modules to enable students to develop their creative approaches and build their contemporary training that takes them to the next level as an artiste.


The Amrapali Institute of Arts (AIA) is the foremost creative and vibrant artistic, aesthetic and humanities learning vault of the northeast India. We welcome you to a traditionally molded, yet innovative and conceptualized contemporary substantial learning.
Amrapali Clicks is a conceptual photography initiative to portray arts, artistes and artistic notions with an alternative yet more natural way. The core purpose is to keep intact the beauty of the concept alongwith its surroundings
We organise a variety of events throughout the year like Culture Colloquium, Chimera, Amrapali Culture, etc. concentrating upon professional artistes, school/college students, rural artistes, etc.
The AIA Committee consists of some acclaimed educationists, research scholars, legends and internationally renowned artistes. The AIA Board under the guidance of this Committee develops curricula pertinent to international dimension whilst focusing upon traditional aspects of teaching and learning.
Join us for artistic connections and partnerships. We are serious for associating with anything and everything artistic and partnering with art enthusiasts as well as organisations of allied genres which will benefit the art fraternity and most importantly the society at large.
This mission is to enrich the life and outlook of under privileged children and women through arts. We train and gear them with life skills and avail them platform for livelihood in regard to artistic sustainability. We also promote local art products and rural artistes, paving ways through cultural incorporations.

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Contact: +91-9678886032