The AIA Board – Board of Applied Integrated Arts is propelled to bring in new thinking and conceptualized study in relation to performing and visual arts whilst teaching the traditional values along with pan India curricula. Its syllabus is designed to understand the best of associated arts and develop the young minds giving them room for self-growth and execution.

Art is sustainable only when we have generation who will understand its value for existence. And for this, only training them with the technical knowledge of the course is not enough to create future artistes. They should be imbibed with gist of associated aspects, elements and arts to further strengthen their roots to understand what arts demand from them:

  • Core value of the practicing art form
  • Global perspective for arts
  • Implementing creative ideas to sustain it through collaborations and associations

And this is how the AIA Board introduced!


There have been plenty of educational schools and other performing/visual arts institutes who have been imparting the technical lessons upon a variety of art forms including Indian classical, contemporary, Bollywood, creative, folk, etc. Pablo Picasso once said, “All children are artistes. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” In today’s time, where students are overloaded with the academics they could hardly take out extra time amidst their tuition, extra classes, etc. to enhance their passion and artistic skill. And if some are carrying forward their artistic skill they hardly continue it ahead after their matriculation. And at the time when they think of returning to their passion, either it is too late for them or could not cope with the practice sessions. They lose hope, could not continue further and leave it. And the society not only loose an artiste but also could not generate an ardent art lover with precise sense of judgement toward an art form.


The AIA Board brings forth a qualitative educational system wherein the learner not only acquires technical knowledge of the practicing art form but also adheres to the variants of connecting arts and importance of it for a quantitative approach. It targets to finish its Intermediate and the Advance courses of the Extensive Training Program (ETP) by the age of 14 to 15 years of age. That is, a learner can accumulate the basic and important aspects of the practicing art form before Matriculation. And after that, if it fits for them to further receive training ahead, they may go with the Professional Diploma of the practicing art form or and the Under Graduate Certificate/Diploma courses.

The AIA Board of examination system involves as per different Levels:

  • Theory
  • Practical
  • Viva
  • Visual
  • Projects
  • Research Documentation


  1. Kids’ Special
  2. Extensive Training Program
  3. Intensive Training Program