Kids are a special part of AIA as they are our nation's future artistes. We take extraordinary interest in developing their curriculum and teaching them the art of performing whilst take special care in grooming them into art of study and make sure that, they cultivate the 5 KEY DEVELOPMENTS in them.

  • Bodily Kinesthetic Intelligence
  • Body Smartness
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Creative Thought Process
  • Prompt Communication Abilities

We provide Certificate/Diploma courses upon PERFORMING & VISUAL ARTS as well as short termed VOCATIONAL subjects.

  • Yoga | Performing | Visual Arts Study
  • Northeast India Cultural Study
  • Kids' Special | Language Learning
  • Elegant Brides
  • Corporate Training | Communication Skills
  • Teachers Training Program

We bring forth interesting and participatory MODULES for freshers, trainees, amateurs and professionals. Sign up our mailing list to get notifications for any such upcoming modules.

  • Summer / Winter Intensive Course
  • Apprentice Program
  • Youth Awareness
  • Events / Concerts
  • Creative Ensemble

We preach artistic, aesthetic, educational and corporate training. Our students ranges from the age groups of 3 to 60 years who undergoes our training as hobby, professional, full time as well as part time courses. We are spreading our mission and developing STUDY CENTRES. If you are interested in joining us, then drop a mail at <> or call us at +91-9678886032.