With a fresh endeavour AMRAPALI (Society for ARTS) initiates the AMRAPALI INSTITUTE OF ARTS, the leading creative and vibrant artistic, aesthetic and humanities learning vault of northeast India. The AMRAPALI INSTITUTE OF ARTS is a traditionally molded, yet innovative and conceptualised ‘contemporary’ substantial learning, aiming engendering creative possibilities for innovative cultural thoughts and generate opportunities for artistic sustainability. The AMRAPALI INSTITUTE OF ARTS is affiliated to the Board of Applied Integrated Arts (AIA Board) – Guwahati. The courses are specifically curated and designed with dynamism to ensure the best and latest curriculum of the course concerned so that, the students could unfurl the best possible creative aspects within them. The courses are specifically concentrated on artistic and creative life skills.


The session starts in January every year especially for the Diploma courses and some Certificate courses starts on different months within the year. Confirming upon the start of the courses, students may also apply within the year and appear for examinations on the given stipulated dates. The curriculum is curated as Certificate/Diploma courses, affiliated to the AIA Board. Apart from the specified courses, the AMRAPALI INSTITUTE OF ARTS also opens various Modules for students who extensively wants to explore their subject on different platforms and learn a step ahead.


Apart from the specified courses, the AMRAPALI INSTITUTE OF ARTS structures a step ahead with the following modules for the enhancement of the interested students. Its creative propagandas always stands ahead and enhances the students’ abilities from being just regular. It emphasizes the personal and societal growth of the artiste student. At AMRAPALI INSTITUTE OF ARTS, explore arts…explore life!

  • Summer/Winter Intensive Course
  • Apprentice Program
  • Youth Awareness
  • Events/Concerts
  • Creative Ensemble


The AMRAPALI INSTITUTE OF ARTS has winged at different locations within the Guwahati city. Students may select their preferred location in the Online Admission or call us at +91-9678886032 for any query.


  • Zoo Tiniali
  • Barsapara
  • Narengi