Wamiel Pranaame Kashyap who is lovingly known as Bella is the daughter of dancing duo Rudro Jayanta Bhagawati and Pranaame Bhagawati from Assam. Born in Hisar (Haryana) on May 25th, Wamiel have resided in different places like Haryana, Mumbai and Maldives due to her parents' professional works.

From her childhood days, Wamiel showed immense interest and talent in the field of arts and culture. Her first performance role was to play the child role of Shri Krishna in a dance ballad presented for Doordarshan Kendra, Hisar (Haryana). Here's a LINK to the short video.

Wamiel Pranaame Kashyap is been trained in Kathak dancing from a very tender age of 4 years under the tutelage of her parents. Being active into modelling too, she did few commercials as well. Wamiel presented her dancing skills in places like Maldives, Guyana and USA.

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