A concert hall, auditorium, amphitheater and a place of performance gratifies with two’s presence. One of which is due to the performers and the other at the presence of the spectators or audiences. The success of a performance results from both these presence.

kathakali-1A tremendous, creditable and thoughtful performance and a superb, matured and most importantly well versed audiences or spectators. Concert etiquettes is a set of social norms expected during a concert and especially when it is classical, from those who are attending it. Such norms may vary as per the mood of the event. But, there still exist some specific conditions and behaviours, which if followed leads to a healthy artistic atmosphere and cultural balance.

Listed below are some norms that should be essentially followed and respected well.

  • Reach well on time and be seated before the concert begins. If you are late, then never assimilate yourself amidst a performance. Wait for the break in between or when the Emcee takes over or as guided by the usher.
  • Follow the instructions mentioned by the ushers or in banner/labels/ticket (if any) well. If photography/videography is not permitted, then please stick to it. It will be indecent to outlaw it.
  • Keep your mobiles switched off or in silent mode. It is important that, others present beside you and the performers are not distracted and hence disturbed.
  • If you are accompanying a kid, make sure that, his/her movements and talks/voice is concert compatible. Some concerts does not permit kids below 4 years as they may not be able to endure the concert sound.
  • Do applause at incredible performance and creative geniuses. Every artiste loves appreciation which leads to another amazing act or notable creation.
  • Never talk rude or abuse the artistes/performers during the concert in public. We are literate enough to behave well and mark our presence with decency.
  • Do make a point to meet the performer after the show (preferably at the back stage/green room) to share your view points as an audience or spectator. Your few words of appreciation will boost his/her energy and criticism (if any) will help him overcome at his/her next show.