Our vacation courses won’t let you get bored at home. These small packed intensive courses varies time to time and brings lot more explorations for yourselves and upon the subject which you intend to study. The course duration ranges from 2 weeks to a month and you are assured to be taught and delivered with substantial training.


Our institute deals with innovative study programs and a variety of initiatives based within the institute and amidst public. Freshers and trainees receive adequate scope for their practice with our well-groomed and indulgent working ambience. Individuals or organisations who undergo our Apprentice Program may collaborate with us as Mission Partners for future prospects.


Our mission of preaching our objectives amidst the youth is a major one. In this module, our target of spreading and popularizing concepts of arts, culture and heritage as well as striving for its sustainability plans our workshops, lecture demonstrations and value based art educations for students of school, college and university level.


We organise a good number of events and concerts throughout the year. This module stays active in deliberating culture consciousness and artistic thought provoking implementations with support of some prominent personalities and involvement of young talents and knowledge seekers who intend to bring change for good in relation to arts.


The AIA assigns and generates creative talents in regard to performance, choreography, technicalities, production designing and event planning for its production unit that performs globally, undergo exchange programs and collaborations.